Minty Sweater Weather

Being a student/blogger requires me to go to one place to another. So it means, I have to commute a lot since I don’t have my own driver at my disposal. But being a commutter doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, this is what my commute outfit usually looks.


One word for commute wear – COMFORT, you’ve got to make sure what you are wearing is not skimpy and won’t make you thug endlessly. I usually wear shorts, sweater top and my trusty sneakers. Add a roomy bag for all my stuff and when it comes to accessories make sure its minimal, you wouldn’t like attract attention from other commuters or snatchers.

imageimageimageForever 21 Mint Sweater Top

Gap Denim Shorts

SM Accessories Bib Necklace

High – Cut Converse Sneakers

Brown Carry All from Marikina

Photo By Vjay Navani Post Processing By Yours truly

How bout you? What’s your favorite commute look?

Much Love,


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Mariane Detera is a Brand Strategists & Creative Entrepreneur. Driven by her delight in the beauty of the Word, she uses her love for creativity & the arts to share Jesus and make disciples.

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