LIFE + STYLE WITH MARIANE (formerly Life is my Dancefloor) is where L.I.F.E meets Style through Fashion, Beauty, Fitness ,Arts ,Food and Travel.

*L.I.F.E – Life In Faith Everyday

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Mariane Detera

Mariane calls herself a creative and movement artist, whose love and passion for design is evident through her body of work that ranges from brand marketing, event & fashion styling, choreography, make-up artistry and creative production. Whose design philosophy is to create art that is set apart and gives glory to its master creator using arts to foster unity and to build communities.

A graduate of AB Psychology and BS Marketing Management (Minors) from De La Salle University and an alumna of the La Salle Dance Company, where she led as its Asst. Company Manager as well as its Division Manager for Marketing.

Her professional experience has been honed through various companies such as Rockwell Land Corporation, Starbucks Philippines, Plana Forma, Everywhen Video Production, The PARC Foundation while her last stint in the corporate arena is as a Brand Manager of Cura V and Comme Ci both are local high end luxury lifestyle brands where she handled store operations, brand management and fashion buying curating different local and international designers.

She currently a Brand & Public Relations Consultant and manages Hagios Design House where she grows her design and entrepreneurial skills while advocating financial literacy as a licensed financial advisor at Sun Life Philippines at the same a lay servant in CCF as well as one on the co-founders of How Great Thou HEart, a collaborative Christian arts community.

Say hello to the 25 random facts about Mariane:

  1. I am an only child and I was born premature at only eight months.
  2. I am TERRIBLY AFRAID of snakes.Picture, stuff toy or real thing get away from me.
  3. I can’t seem to stop biting my nails, I don’t know but especially when I’m thinking I do this often.
  4. Since I love biting my nails…I also have the tendency of biting people bwahaha!
  5. I love sweets, I think I’ll die if I didn’t have my daily dose of sweetness.
  6. I am a dancer since birth from ballet, jazz, hip hop and cheer dance.
  7. I sneeze whenever I eat anything minty or spicy.
  8. I EAT ALOT I can finish up to 4 cups of rice especially when I’m hungry.
  9. An avid fan of anything neon, colorful and loud.
  10. Ateneo used to be my dream school but God has a different plan that I graduated in DLSU.
  11. I am single since birth, coz I believe that true love waits.I even made a post bout it here: Confession of a no boyfriend since birth
  12. I have a heart condition called Bradycardia, where my heart rate is slower than what is normal. That is why I need to exercise and warm up every time.
  13. I talk to almost everyone. Not being able to socialize is boring.
  14. I collect teddy bears, they all surround my bed. Next time you can’t think of a gift for me a bear is a safe bet or anything cute and cuddly!
  15. I grew up in downtown Manila near Divisoria and Binondo before we transferred. So maybe you would like to bring me to your next Divi trip right?
  16. I am a CAT Officer back in High School at OB Montessori-Greenhills. I am the S1 or Administrative Officer, I still have sword until today. Tough girl right here!
  17. I love AUDREY HEPBURN. She has forever been my style icon, such an epitome of class and grace. Want to steal her style click here:Audrey Hepburn
  18. I may look like an extrovert-life-of-a-party kind of person, but I can also be very quiet.
  19. I am not afraid of hanging out alone, in school I spend most of the time in the library reading and studying. Nerd mode on!
  20. My height is 5 ft. My feet is size five. I’m born on October 5 and my favorite number is five.
  21. I always wanted to become a fashion designer, when I was a kid I would make clothes for my Barbie dolls.
  22. I dream of being a professional dancer and eventually have my own art center that specializes on teaching children who have learning disabilities. Psychology and Arts at sync!
  23.  Since I am an only child, I am really close to my parents I treat them like my best friends for life especially my mom she knows EVERYTHING about me.
  24. I had a dog named Clinton who died when I was 7 since then I never had a dog. I had cats instead. Now I have a Persian cat named Inigo.
  25. I am a Christian and believer of Christ, I thank Him for my second life and I pray that this life will all be for His glory!

Hopefully, you will learn from this humble blog and if there’s anything you would like to ask feel free to message through this blog  my social media accounts. 

Much Love,

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  1. Hi Marianne! This is Trina Lorenzana from GMA Network, and we’d like to talk to you about an upcoming event. Is there an email address/ cellphone number we can use to contact you? Hoping for your reply. Thank you!

  2. Hi Mariane! This is Trina Lorenzana from GMA Network, and we’d like to talk to you about an upcoming event. Is there an email address/ cellphone number we can use to contact you? Hoping for your reply. Thank you!

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